My top best family dining for kids. For many families today of two or more little ones, the choices to where you all can go to enjoy yourselves are limited by a number of things. You can sit at some nice under lit restaurant, this may be good for you and the Mrs. but how about those pint size you that you have beside you itching to move and to run a tantrum? Well I have put together a list of family friendly restaurants in the Maryland DC  area. Which will please both the the big eaters and the tiny eaters alike.


  1. Rio Grande Cafe (Bethesda, Md) If you like Tex-Mex this might be the place for you. The  atmosphere is nice a load an up beat. Outstanding soft tacos,sizzling tasteful fajitas, chips and dips combo followed with baskets of freshly baked tortillas from the kitchen. Stick around for the treat of them all the desserts.
  2. Matchbox (Congressional Plaza) Pizza Pizza, plus burgers, here it is with all american foods Matchbox combines american foods with Italian style Wood baking pizzas. You just have to try the Bloody Mary burger topped with a fried egg and why not with a Bloody Mary (LOL). The different taste you can add to your pizza seem to never end,pepperoni, spicy Italian sausage, crispy bacon, tomato sauce and mozzarella. If that’s just to much meat for you try out there salads.
  3. Red Robin Gourmet Burgers (Germantown)  Burgers burgers burgers did I say burgers? You have a unlimited amount of burgers choices here, I have never seen so many burgers and toppings for them. You have the Guacamole Burger yes I said it never seen one of these an i worked in the restaurant business for over 10 years and you just have to dare yourself to try the 5 alarm burger and you know they come with endless fries and drinks. This is a party atmosphere so be ready to get it on an don’t get me started on desserts.
  4. Black Hog BBQ & Bar (Frederick) Now just up the road there is a BBQ place O my you really cant wait head up there now take your lab top to continue reading. If BBQ everything is your meal here we go,Barbecue sandwiches,barbecue grilled chicken,barbecue ribs,some of the best ribs on the Side of the East Coast. Starting with a Black Hog rub which combines crushed peppers, seasonings and sugar granules for an mind blowing sweet-hot crust on blackened skin covering tender meat mouth watering. Three different choices of wings, plus goodies for the little ones. Now don’t forget to try the Coca Cola cake and banana cream pie I wont say I told you so.
  5. Buca di Beppo (Gaitherburg) This is an Italian place and if you wanted more you got it BIG BIG portions and you have to love the colorful light all around. Let me tell you the pizza is measure in feet LOL you might ask for a small pizza an think they made a mistake a brought you a large. Salad bowl and pasta bowls are over filling. You and the family will leave here stuffed an satisfied.
  6. The Cheesecake Factory (North Bethesda) In White Flint Mall this chain is well known for its taste cheesecake choices. Everyone loves the atmosphere here the only thing is if you go during peak hours be prepared to wait. The have burgers, Tex-Mex, Salads and pizzas, something for the most picky eater. Now i would caution your pace on the cheesecake they do have an very large amount well it is the Cheesecake Factory.
  7. The Burger Joint (Bethesda) Now what kid big and small alike don’t like a juicy burger and fries for which you can get for under $10. Turkey burger is one of my first choices but you have your pick it is name Burger Joint after all.
  8. I.H.O.P.(Rockville, Wheaton) Pancake, Pancakes, Pancakes, a family restaurant with taste for all ages from its assorted pancakes like my favorite cheesecake pancakes top with strawberry to its grill cod.  One of the favorites of the little ones is the funny face a giant pancake chocolate or buttermilk with cherries as eyes whip cream with chocolate chips as a mouth its a crazy site but the kids love it. the atmosphere is not that bad either and for meals starting under $10 you cant beat a morning or night out with the family.
  9. Copper Canyon Grill (Gaithersburg)This place is built on big bold flavors to temp your tongue. Enjoyed appetizers,fresh tortilla chips. roast chicken, spinach-artichoke dip. Roasted over an open wood stove and rubbed with 20 plus season the roast is to die for with its bold taste. Check out the bacon cheeseburger and the ribs and last but not lease the desserts and to an ending you will not forget.
  10. Cafe Deluxe (Bethesda) American style cafe you will see diversity here from businewss people to families with babies. From appetizers to salads and several sandwich selections this place has some real comfort food mashed potatoes,chicken potpie and my favorite meatloaf. This is a fun down home place.Thank you for stopping by to read my review of my top best family dining. If you like this post please comment at the bottom and check out my other reviews here

    Christopher Davis


Have You Ever Thought About Working Online?

Jessie Stevens from Silver Spring,MD would never have thought she would have a job working at home until she filled out a simple form online one day. She discovered her secret to beating the recession, and being able to provide for her family while at home with her children.

I read Jessie’s blog last month and decided to feature her story on my website report. In a phone interview she told me her amazing story. “I’m actually making about $2,500-$3,500 a month using the internet. It is enough to comfortably replace my old jobs income, especially considering I only work about 15-20 hours a week from home.

Working online has been a financial windmill for Jessie, who tried for months to find a decent job during the hard economy. “I lost my job shortly after the recession hit, I needed reliable income, I was not interested in the “get rich quick” scams you see all over the internet. They all seem to be pyramid scams or stuff where you have to sell to your friends and family. I really needed a legitimate way to earn a living for my family and I. One of the best part of working online is that I am always home with my kids, I’m saving a lot of money.”

How did she started her remarkable journey. “I filled out a short form and applied for a work at home training site. There is a small fee, its not really free but it was under $40. I got all the training ,website,capture pages and within six weeks I was making over $2,000 a month. It’s really simple, I am not a computer expert, but I can use the internet. I post links that are given to me and I blog, the capture pages automated everything for me. I just put my links in places where the training shows you from what you do already.”

Google Online giant, worth well over 100 billion dollars is the most used search engine and internet market place. Google is the #1 internet site in the world, more then 50 percent of all internet traffic flows through them everyday. Using Google and the other search engines to make money online has been a advantage for Jessie. There are plenty of scams on the internet claiming you can make $30,000 a month, but that is exactly what they are scams. From talking with Jessie, “I am making a good salary from home, which is awesome, know more then a year ago I was jobless in a horrible economy. I thank god every day that I filled out that form. Grab your free book by feeling out the form to your RIGHT…

Melissa Johnson was able to use the simple Online builder to make it out of the recession.

Jessie had never shared her story before, and with her permission, we are putting it public.

Step 1
Go to this link, Infinity Cash Formula read the information, fill out a basic online form and hit submit   Step 2. Follow the instructions at Infinity Cash Formula and set up your account.Step 3.You will receive your Free training right away. Also your free website to start your promotion right away to start earning online income with in days.Step 4. (Just Pay a $25.00 Fee for Instant Online Access to the business program and you are set to making money online)The Training is free, support from your personal business coach free,capture pages,website all free.Take a test drive today  

Top 8 Network Marketing Companies Over The Years

Network Marketing Companies Top 8…..

Network marketing people are a special group of people who are, visionaries, innovators, exploreres and some plum out crazy. It is very intriguing industry many are stay at home moms, single fathers and mothers,grandpa and mom even working folks doing the 9 to 5 J.O.B (just over broke). So what makes network marketing so popular at this moment?

Well some reasons would be….

The start of the business is very low from traditional business. You don’t need any experience to start out. The biggest reason is leverage, Network marking offers leverage on helping others build an income while also building your own. Making you an extreme amounts of money.

The task set upon you is not an easy one at all. There are many problems along the way you have to figure out by either trial an era or learning from someone whom been there. There are many companies out there and from the start you have to figure out which one is a fit for you. I have been in a number of them so when I mention trial an era I have been there. Some good and some terrible I can say that from experience.

Before I started seeing true success I had a time. I cant say it was all the companies fault either. They had some top 6 figure earners in the company that was working the system.

My problem is I didn’t do my homework and with anything you have to research. You don’t go operate before you go to school to be a doctor do you, Or how about being a lawyer?

  1. Avon

We all know this one women and men alike Avon is one of the largest MLM companies in the world. Why would Avon be number 1 on my list? Well it’s been reported and talked about that Avon’s corporate revenue exceeds $11 billion dollars and has a large network that are in almost every country in the entire world. Avon was founded back in 1886. It’s the second oldest MLM company in existence. Avon’s products mainly consist of beauty and jewelry products. It’s a pretty good company and a lot of reps are doing well, while many others are failing miserably. I have a couple friends doing the business as of today. It’s all about working the system.

2.  Amway

Amway is HUGE and grand father old. They completely revolutionized the Network Marketing industry and continued growth make it a force to wreck with. Their reported earnings are over $10.9 billion dollars which is pretty good from where I’m looking. They are based in the USA so for me another plus and they sell just about everything. From personal care, home care, toothpaste, soap and vitamins. They are giants among marketers, very popular and an excellent company to get involved with.

3.  Mary Kay

I think we’ve all Know this one don’t we? You know, that skin care/cosmetics company that was founded a zillion years ago? Mary Kay is huge and their reps are all over. They’re in every country, in most cities, look around you a Mary Kay rep might be in your circle of friends! You might even see cars on the road with Mary Kay on them or that ever so popular Pink Mary Kay car. Have you been invited to one of there parties?

4. Team Beach Body

Marketer of at-home fitness workout systems, supplements and workout gear through direct sales. Its first product line took the market by storm P90x. I know personally people who have gotten in this program and that its change the many different avenues for them. Its a Giant in the home fitness arena.

5.  Nu Skin

Based in Utah,  American direct selling and multilevel marketing company which develops and sells personal care products and dietary supplements. They have a huge network and with US$1.74 billion in revenue in 52 international markets. There business model combines direct selling with multi-level marketing. Distributors are paid from the retail markup on products they are able to sell personally, as well as a performance bonus based on the sales of distributors they have recruited.

6. Herbalife

Herbalife been around for a little over 25 years now and is another Giant direct marketing business. Basically they are a health company that specializes in weight loss, personal care and Natural vitamins. They have a huge network of representatives all over the world and I’ve known several of them who’ve all dropped out nicely. As a rep you’re not taught much about recruiting from what I was told. However, the company is as solid as a rock and you’ll definitely hear more about them if you’re just getting started in Network Marketing.

7. Primerica Financial 

There are plenty of financial service MLM companies out there. My opinion I think there are to many as they all offer pretty much the same contract. Top them all, Primerica has made the biggest impact in the MLM industry. They are not exactly global right now, but have generated revenues over two billion dollars. They offer many different kinds of financial packages and a great opportunity. They’re based in the US and operate heavily in North America. I have nothing against them, and I have friends that are with them and not doing bad but I personally don’t know enough about their opportunity.

8. TupperWare

Tupperware is another,That took the industry by storm and are freaking everywhere! Tupperware parties are pretty funny if you ask me. Who would have thought plastic storage products would be the face of a multibillion dollar MLM company? You got it, Tupperware make and distribute plastic storage products through the power of Network Marketing…A great opportunity is offered, but if you want my opinion… I’d feel like a crazy jackass strolling into my friend’s home with a bunch of plastic. It’s not exactly my cup of tea, but it works very well for others seeing their revenues are at around 2 billion. Yea Tupperware who would ever imagine….

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to your journey

Infinity Downline is the Income worth It?

This is a low cost high yield legit business that is in high demand as you read this now its fills what people are looking for in the economy.There is a lot of hype around the online business Infinity Downline. You may have heard of infinity Downline already or you may not. We are going to take a look with No Hype, No Sales pitch or anything like that. Just an honest look so you yourself can make a informed choice in business that is right for you. You should find it quite thirst quenching.

The compensation plan is by far the best on the market. You can find out more in depth here below…

Lets take a quick look, you get paid 100% net profit of all you generate, and that’s a nonstop payments of $25 after $25 non stop coming in every month you can say it don’t seem like much but when you add in that it’s residual you can see how it can add up.

Now with residual income there is also team set up which by the way is free if you dont already have ways to market your business. Look at the team benefits, training and team resource site here…..

These Benefits by itself make our team one sort after team in the business today.

Take a look let me know what you are thinking, I would love to hear from you if this site informed you and help you with looking into home base business.

To success,                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 

Christopher Davis                                                                                                                                       

So Lets Recap Infinity Downline

> Only $25 to join.

> you break even with only 1 person. Now that’s cool is that?!

> Paid direct member-to-member

> ZERO admin fee!! (that’s right…  None!)

> Pure 1OO% Net Payout.

> Real products too.  Hundreds of hours of audio and video education

> Built in Residual paid direct to you… again no admin fee.


KEYS TO SUCCESSInternet Marketing Entrepreneur Veerendra Nayak has released a Valuable Free e-Book called “The 7 Key Secrets of Internet Business Success” to help people around the world effectively learn The Science of Internet Business Success.

“The 7 Key Secrets of Internet Business Success” shows budding entrepreneurs and established businesses how to succeed in making real money online. In the U.S. alone, the number of Internet users (approximately 77% of the population) and e-commerce sales ($165.4 billion in 2010, according to the US Department of Commerce) continue to rise and are expected to increase with each                     passing year.

Literally anybody can start their own Internet Business as there are 1000s of business models running online every single day. Despite this apparent success of the Internet in helping e-commerce based business grow, many fail to succeed. With this e-Book, readers will learn how to understand the core concepts of any Internet Business so that anybody can start their own business or take the existing business successfully to the whole new level.

Author Veerendra Nayak is an expert in computing sciences, physics, mathematics, cyber crime and corporate liability; he explains the critical importance of logical application to the process of running a successful business. “What I outline through my detailed layout of the knowledge and experience I have gained over the years, are the proven seven secret keys that every successful marketer follows. Simply knowing them will not do you any good what so ever, it’s more about how cleverly you implement them into your business.”

Most online businesses that fail or fall down do so for the same reasons that traditional businesses do. They start the business for the wrong reasons, suffer from poor management; lack of planning; are cash starved; over expanded; and some even fail to have a website! In such a scenario, Veerendra is willing to offer his word of advice for free of cost where he could have easily charged $47 for the valuable information as guiding struggling entrepreneurs is his mission behind writing this book!

There is no doubt that many more successful entrepreneurs could be created if they apply the techniques outlined in this little gem of an Internet Business e-Book wisely.

For further information visit:

via The 7 Key Secrets of Internet Business Success Shows Budding Entrepreneurs How to Make Money Online – Yahoo! Finance.

My name is Chris Davis, and Im one of those “Internet” guys …I work from home and pocket more money in half a year than most people make all year. More importantly, I’ll SHOW you right now and I’m not Joking around.

              It hasn’t always been this way at the start……….

Here’s what I’m Saying. No crazy claims.

You have to learn how to CRAWL before you can WALK.

Anyone who makes any claims about making large amounts of money -online in a short period of time is faking point blank.

What I’m offering is a realistic plan that can help you make you an extra $500 to $3,000 a month ,and then we’ll go from there depending on your goals you want.

If you’re happy with that amount its totally up to you…and it’s fine.

Not everyone want a full business that brings in an income you can retire on.

What I’m hoping though is that once you get to making money online you’ll want to take things to the next level, and maybe even work from home full-time. How does that sound?

If you really want this, you will personally work with me and my team, coaching you, and share with you the custom tools I use to make 5-figures and helped by my team to make even 6-figures  from just a single online business.  Here’s how it’s going to work …

work at home step 1 Reserve your spot below to secure your Infinity Cash Formula membership. Just enter your name and email. Go ahead its free nothing to loose!!
work from home step 2 I’ll reveal the website I used to pull in 5 figure income. Out of the hundreds of “work at home” opportunities I’ve looked at, I picked this one as being the best for the average person to start making money and quick. You’ll get a working website,video and audio training from this site.
work at home step 3 Review the material and simply follow the step-by-step system to start making money. You’ll  have a personal business adviser, and my team and I will be here to help you every step of the way. We’ll hold your hand if you need.
work from home step 4 Once you’re making $500 to $3,000 a month, you can decide if you want to take the next step. If you do, you’ll have the chance to make life changing income, where I’ll personally help you grow your business.

Any time you need help with anything just ask – either myself or one of my personally trained team members will reply to your inquiry within 24 hours or less, guaranteed.

I personally reply “no recorded” email either. which drive me crazy?! You can even call me..

Every reply you get from Me will be a personalized response to your individual question and your situation.

making money online is fun when you know how, so dont worry…

 You WILL NOT need to be an Internet guru

 You WILL NOT need to have any past marketing or business experience

 You WILL NOT need a lot of free time – a few hours a week is enough.
This is serious business………

I’m looking for a tiny group of people who want to make a substantle amount of money online, and the whole purpose of this post is really just to help me find these people.

If we end up working together - and I really hope that you do – I’ll show you exactly how I and lots of others are making 5- and 6-figure income online, working from home.

MOST importantly, I’ll share with you the tools I use and show you how you can do it too. My training site gives you all the up front support you need to start making money in soon as in days…

I’m not asking you for any money and neither of us has anything to lose.Take a look.

The worst-case scenario is that you’ll discover how people are making an extra $500 to $3,000 a month online in their spare time. It’s your choice, whatever happens either way you win. Just enter your details below to create your free account.


See you inside —- Christopher Davis


The class of 2012 college young adults are in for a harsh welcome to the world of employment. Young college graduates in this weak labor market already have left half of  them jobless or underemployed in positions that don’t totally use their skills and knowledge. Young graduates with bachelor’s degrees are increasingly scraping by in lower-wage jobs — bartender, retail clerk or receptionist,waiter or waitress, for example. Median wages for those with bachelor’s degrees are down, hit by technological changes that are eliminating mid level jobs such as bank tellers. Most future job openings are said to be in lower-skilled positions such as home health aides, who can provide personalized attention as the U.S. population ages. Perhaps more than ever, the choices that young adults make earlier in life — level of schooling, academic field and training, where to attend college, how to pay for it — are having long-lasting financial impact. “You can make more money on average if you go to college, but it’s not true for everybody, the growing risk of the debt bubble with total U.S. student loan debt surpassing $ trillion. “If you’re not sure what you’re going to be doing, it probably well to take some kind of job, if you can get one, and get a sense first of what you want from college. Many people with a bachelor’s degree face a double hammer of rising tuition and poor job outcomes. “Simply said, the work force is failing kids coming out of college, emphasizing that when it comes to jobs, a college major can make all the difference. “We’re going to need a lot better job growth and connections to the labor market, otherwise college debt will grow. People main advice: Pursue further education. “Everyone is always telling you, ‘Go to college.” “But when you graduate, it’s kind of an empty mountain drop.”

Infinity downline big review

WARNING: Many people will dismiss this message and

make the HUGE mistake in saying “I don’t have enough time, money or experience”. Well guess what… none of that matters! This could be the changing point of your life. Make the time and take action.

You’re here because you truly believe in your heart that you have what it takes to create true freedom in your life… BUT you just need the right program and professional step-by-step guidance to get there…

“The Secret To Generating A 5-Figure
Monthly Income With Infinity Downline
Or ANY Online Business Is Having A
Personal Mentor Take You By The Hand
And Guide You Each And EVERY Step Of
The Way…” 
from someone who has never actually
made it for themselves.
But rock solid knowledge,
from someone who is in the trenches,
making a hefty 5-figure monthly income with
Infinity Downline, and is teaching others
just like YOU how to do the same…

This Infinity Downline success training & Resource Site
can be yours FREE!!  READ ON…
From: Christopher Davis,  Your Infinity Downline Coach and Mentor
Location: Sandy Spring ,Maryland
Date: Sunday, July 15, 2012.
Subject: How To Make $10,000+ Per Month With Infinity Downline

Hello & Welcome!

You’re here because you’re looking for a legitimate, realistic and proven way to make a substantial income with Infinity Downline. Well, you’re in luck, because I’m about to teach you how!

I’d like to congratulate you on your decision to get more information!

First off, 

I will NOT lie to you. I don’t have to. Because…
The level of training, support, and        
step-by-step guidance
I provide my business partners is
unparalleled in this industry…
So I have a lot to talk about.  I don’t have to fill up this page with hype and empty promises. This is real substance, valuable information that you will be reading, and it has the potential to change your life!
So if you’re really SERIOUS about making at least $5,000 per month and eventually $10,000+ per month with Infinity Downline within 2 months from right now, then you’re going to have to read this whole letter…  Period.
It just amazes me how some people say they are really serious about building a large income from their own business and then have “no time” or “no interest” in doing the ONE CRITICAL THING that they need to do in order to make it happen…
 Responsibility for your
OWN actions and/or inactions.
If you’re just looking for a pretty website that promises instant riches without doing anything, then just leave. Really. People like that are a pain to work with and they end up quitting on themselves anyway.
If you’re just a real person and you know that in order to create a substantial income, it takes SYSTEMS, ACTIONS, INVESTMENTS and joining the RIGHT TEAM… then keep on reading. This will be a refreshing experience for you…
ALMOST totally on autopilot.
YES. You still have to learn to do a few cool things to promote your business… things I will show you in great detail within my team training site.  BUT…
NONE of those simple things will involve cold calling or chasing people around like a lunatic, or bugging people about  your “opportunity”. Leave all that old school “pitch and chase” sales hack stuff for burned out sales people…  
So grab a drink, and let’s get started…


The SUPER SECRET to making five figures and even six figures per month is to ONLY promote a program that pays PASSIVE INCOME as your business partners duplicate your simple but powerful efforts. THAT is where the big money is with Internet Home Business Opportunities.
And THAT is exactly what is possible AND realistic with Infinity Downline.  Let’s get into the details you’ll need to know about this revolutionary business…
Infinity Downline
A freshly launched, brand new Internet Based Business as of March 1st, 2009. Infinity Downline quickly became what thousands of people have been looking for (and quite honestly what this industry desperately needed)…
A Stellar Compensation Plan At An
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Infinity Downline capitalizes on the great demand for a lucrative alternative for people who simply cannot afford to join those high priced business opportunities. So rather than paying $400, $1,000 or even $3,000+ to join a business, Infinity Downline offers a membership level that ANYONE can afford.
I can’t even begin to tell you how frustrating and limiting it is to have quality prospects for your business…just to find out that 99% of them simply can’t afford it.
They like you, they like the business, they want to join…
BUT they can’t afford it!
With Infinity Downline, you don’t have that problem. If anyone is serious about building a business of their own to build long-term financial wealth they will absolutely invest $25 to get started.

Problem solved…simple as that.
In fact, if someone says they can’t afford to join Infinity Downline for only $25…guess what??  You don’t want to work with them anyway!  If someone is trying to start a legitimate business for less than $25, they are financially desperate and shouldn’t even consider starting a business in the first place.

The Products

Infinity Downline’s products consist of…

Thousands of

Dollars worth of
Internet Marketing




Software and


Along with
Products That You
Will Use In Every
Aspect In Any
Now, most opportunities out there sell a product that is some “magic juice” or something else that you’re probably not really interested in. You’re just looking at the business opportunity and how you can make some money, right??
Well, the products you will have access to as a member of Infinity Downline, you can actually use and profit from immediately!  Have you ever seen that infomercial where there is a guy trying to sell you his CD’s to teach you how to learn e-bay, MS Office, Vista … you name it? Well, that is all available to you instantly when you become a member.
Plus, you’ll learn about almost every online traffic generation method there is in my team training and resource site…
SEO, blogging, article marketing, video marketing, ezine marketing, pay-per-click, social networking, etc.
and how to turn that traffic into $$$$.
You’ll also have access to anything you’ll need to know about:
list building, email marketing, ad tracking, affiliate marketing, viral marketing, sales letters, product creation, etc. etc.
You’ll have your own customized websites up and running in less than an hour.
I get excited just writing about this stuff!
The funny thing is that we haven’t even touched upon the real magic yet…
The Compensation Plan
The traditional ‘network marketing’ model or ‘MLM’ is outdated and it would take at least 3 years of full time work to start seeing any serious residual income. And that’s IF you are good…really good!
The Infinity Downline compensation plan pays 100% upfront commissions! Compare that to keeping a tiny 20% or even 10% like many MLM companies. So you would think there would be an admin fee right? NO! There is no admin fee ever!
So, you might be asking, “How does Infinity Downline make a profit then?” Great Question :-)
Infinity Downline has been in the online business for almost 12 years.  They run almost 100 sites, most of which market services and tools for online marketers.   They’d have to spend 10-20K to market their products in the traditional way anyway. So, they got smart and decided that if they already own the tools and services to put together a site like Infinity Downline, why not set up an environment where the affiliate members viral market and give them all the commission for doing so?  They then have their products in the back office which will help them market whatever they want, and they get what they want which is… EXPOSURE.
It’s a perfect win-win scenario.
It is a true 1OO% net member-to-member payout with no funny stuff.  They just want exposure to other services they have. There is No obligation to buy their products though.  Don’t worry, they don’t hit you over the head with up sells, or anything like it.  In fact, I have been a member of Infinity Downline for some time now and I can’t remember once when they tried to get me to buy anything from them. They give you a great product and system, and 100 % commissions to their members, and in turn they get exposure.  It’s a proven business model that makes perfect business sense.
No need to work your tail off for 3+ years.
Make 100% upfront commissions now AND big passive residual income as quick as you can refer someone to the same system!
Let’s take a closer look at the
Compensation Plan …

Infinity Downline
Can Make You Insane Amounts Of Money!

  1.   Break even with one referral.  You get the $25 back instantly with your first person. 
  2.   Instant pay!  All members pay each other directly, and instantly.  No going through the company.
  3.   Compounding income via the reverse 2 Up.
  4.   100% pure net pay with incredible products
  5.   Residual income by getting paid $25 every 30 days from all members on your pay-line.
Did you catch that last bullet point?  Residual income.  That’s the key.  No more do you have to work and work and work each month just to start all over again.  How do you think that company’s like Time Warner, Verizon, AT&T and all the other company’s that make a fortune do it?  They bill you every month. Residual income. You build it once and keep adding to it.
Infinity Downline realized this years ago and they have set the ID system up for YOU to capitalize on it.  They made it available for the masses.  Imagine getting 20 members a month. That’s $500 this month.  Then get 20 the second month.  That’s $500 right?  WRONG! That’s $1000 this month.  Don’t forget about the first month.  Then build some more.  Get 20 more during the third month.  That’s $500 right.  Ah Ha!  I can’t trick you.  Now you are getting it.  It’s $1500! And your business continues to grow! 
See For Yourself How Your Income Can Grow!
 Not bad for a $25 investment! The income potential is staggering!  Obviously this spreadsheet is a perfect world scenario and incomes will vary with the time and effort of every member but what if you did even 10% of that?  It could change your life!

The above sample is if everyone brought in 4 people their first week and no more.  What if you sponsored more than 4 people?  Many people bring in dozens, even hundreds of people.  WOW!!!

It’s the power of 100% NET that is paid member to member.

For a Complete Review Of The Infinity Downline Compensation Plan Click Here
How do you get paid?
Your payments are made directly to you through a simple merchant account and/or paypal. Either way, you’ll see the money in your account the instant the sale is made!  Waiting weeks and or months for your commission check is a thing of the past, thanks to Infinity Downline.
Setting up your merchant account is as simple as could be. After your merchant account is created you simply plug your e-mail address into the back office in Infinity Downline and your done!

So what exactly do you get for $25 besides a proven system along with my personal step-by-step guidance to earn $10,000+/month?
       Full Extensive Marketing Training Center
      Infinity Downline Overview Calls To Send Your Prospects To
      Current Member Training Calls and Webinars
      Prewritten Classified & PPC Ads, Articles, Emails, etc. to help you jump start your marketing campaigns
      Tracking System

Excellent Customer Service (Phone / Email / Live Chat)

To learn more, visit:
Quite A Deal, Isn’t It?
Of Course It Is!  In Fact, This Is The Best Opportunity I’ve Ever Seen In The Industry.  Out Of Thousands Of Opportunities, I Chose This One Because It Stood Out Like A Shining Star In So Many Ways…
Seems Like They Provide Everything You Would Need To Succeed With Infinity Downline …RIGHT??
You may be surprised, but the answer is…
I cannot stand hearing people say that all you need to do is join this business and they will give you everything you need to succeed.  I Can’t Stand Hearing That!!
If you EVER hear that from ANYONE, run away or hang up on them as fast as you can…and call them a scam artist right before you do! :)
When you join a business opportunity, you will be instructed to market your affiliate link. Well guess what?  That’s what they tell every single affiliate to do.  So when you have a bunch of affiliates marketing the same exact website…
You haven’t differentiated yourself from the competition.  Although Infinity Downline is the most lucrative business opportunity I’ve seen for the price, if you market the company-provided replicated website, you’re not giving your prospects ANY reason to join you. You are simply a replicated website, and for all they know, there isn’t even a real person behind the site you’re working so hard to promote.
Do you think Infinity Downline provided me with this site?… HINT HINT
First of all, you need to develop specific skills to become successful in this industry. No business opportunity can magically give you these skills.  They can provide you with resources, support, and a very compelling opportunity to market…but not the skills.
These skills can be developed by educating yourself and learning through trial and error. But a much quicker way to pick up the skills that lead to success in any industry is to learn from an experienced mentor and team of leaders that already have those skills, and already have the training in place for you to develop those EXACT skills…so you can start enjoying the EXACT same results in excess of $10,000 per month as well.
“It Is For That Reason That I Have Created
The #1 Rated, Exclusive
‘Infinity Downline Training and Resource Site’
Complete With All Of The Tools, Training, and Video Tutorials Detailing Exact Step-By-Step Instructions On How To Grow Your Wealth
Systematically With Infinity Downline!”
I found that the majority of people that fail online is due to lack of knowing how todrive quality traffic to a website and lack the ability to convert traffic into quality prospects and then sales.
There are 2 pieces to the puzzle here…
1) Traffic
2) Conversion
If one piece is missing, YOU WILL FAIL! (sorry to be blunt but you need the truth and I’m here to tell you how it is)
Without traffic, no one will see your sites, which leads to … obviously, not closing any sales.
Without conversion, you could have all the traffic in the world, but none of that traffic will turn into a sale.
In order to convert your traffic into sales for you on autopilot, you need a professionally crafted marketing system in place to funnel your traffic through. This marketing system CANNOT, I repeat CANNOT be a company-provided replicated website because it doesn’t give your prospects any reason to join YOU over everyone else marketing the same “system”.
Instead your marketing system must be customized to you, giving your prospectscompelling reasons to join you in your Infinity Downline business. THAT is the secret to converting your traffic into sales like clockwork!

But there’s still a problem…

Most people don’t have the skills to set up their own marketing system and drive highly targeted traffic to their system.
But I do…
I have ALLLL you’ll ever need just sitting there waiting for you within My Exclusive Infinity Downline Training And Resource Site... How You Can Create Your OWN Customizable Marketing System along with Extensive Training on how to driveMASSIVE amounts of highly targeted traffic through your own marketing system, not just cookie cutter replicated sites that plane and simply DO NOT WORK!
No one, and I mean NO ONE in Infinity Downline has gone to the lengths that I have to ensure your success. I did all of the hard work for you so that you can get your cash generating machine up and running in no time.
You Will Learn.

1. How to drive massive amounts of high quality traffic to your website.2. How to convert that traffic into high quality prospects.3. How to convert those prospects into sales.4. How to train these new people to use the same system to duplicate and create exponential growth in their business.

And by plugging into
You will create SIGNIFICANT cash flow with almost
complete automation and leverage. 
And best of all…
Interested Prospects Chase Us To Join!!
  • Imagine waking up to 5, 10, 25 and eventually 50 new qualified prospectseach and every day…hot and eager to join your Infinity Downline business. 
  • All you do is answer a few phone calls and return a few emails from your prospects just to get their final questions answered before they sign up with you… but NEVER calling or emailing your prospects first. And absolutelyNEVER EVER convincing or talking anyone into anything. Just nice casual friendly conversations. It really is a process of just making new friends and it’s FUN…  

and then…
  • Imagine checking your bank account at the end of the month to see there’s been well over $10,000 deposited during that month just from Infinity Downline. Then, all of a sudden you realize that you’re on track to make a 6-FIGURE ANNUAL INCOME just having fun…despite this global recession!
Sound too good to be true???
Well I can tell you, that is exactly what our Team experiences each and EVERY month with the Infinity Downline business…and the same goes for many of my teammates that use my Infinity Downline Training and Resource Site.

But it hasn’t always been this easy, let me tell ya…

I wasted tens of thousands of dollars marketing company-provided replicated websites…which NEVER worked! Wasted thousands on buying the wrong kind of leads…which NEVER work! I tried just about anything you could imagine.

I went through miserable failures, continuous rejection, humiliation,
embarrassment and downright PAIN. But I believed in myself and promised myself I would absolutely NEVER give up no matter what. Just like anything else in life that creates long-term substantial success, I put in my dues BIG time! Some thought I was crazy but my persistence finally paid off.

It felt like the time would never come, but I finally cracked the code and learned the mechanics of creating such a powerful and automated system that attracts prospects to me, eager to join ME in my business. 

And now you can skip right over that long and painful learning curve I went through and experience the same results my team members and I are in a matter of weeks… just by using my 
Infinity Downline Training and Resource Site

Of course you’ll have to put in some time and effort to set up, grow and automate your Infinity Downline business, but…

Starting your business
 with a proper *system* will cut years off your learning curve and make the difference between success and failure.
Doesn’t this sound simple?
That’s the SECRET KEY!
Most people make things too COMPLICATED and that leads to inaction.



There are so many people who tell me everyday that they’re team does not provide any support, no training, no ad copy, no resources at all… and they’re just stuck. And they want me to help. Literally Countless Infinity Downline members have asked if they can switch to my team…
And because of Infinity Downline company policy, I have to tell them “No, sorry…you’re screwed.”   Haha not those exact words but ya know.
Don’t get stuck like that…

Join our team!
Here’s What I Provide
A TEAM SYSTEM that automates the entire process of differentiating yourself from the competition… establishing your Unique Selling Proposition(USP)
And leading your prospects through your own customizable marketing system that gives your prospects compelling and even irresistible reasonsto join YOU in your new Infinity Downline business…
Extensive training material on how to brand yourself using the principles of Attraction Marketing so your prospects will be calling and emailing you with credit card in hand, eager to join YOU and ONLY YOU! No calling or convincing ANYONE!
Giving you all the step-by-step guidance you need to grow your Infinity Downline business as fast as you can handle it. This includes detailed training on how to drive TONS of traffic through your marketing system, such as pay-per-click, SEO, video marketing, article marketing, ezine marketing, traffic exchanges, blogging, email marketing, and the list goes on and on…
Here’s just a taste of everything you’re going to get as a
member of the
Exclusive Infinity Downline Training and Resource Site
Company provided lead capture pages DON’T WORK! You need to differentiate yourself from the competition by using your own. You will receive the exact same piece of software that I used to create this, and all of my other sites, so you can have your own custom lead capture page for your Infinity Downline business…ready to startpulling in more leads than you’ll know what to do with!
Value $799
The problem with sending your company provided follow-up emails to your leads is that you’re not giving them any reason to join YOU specifically. You will be building your own list and have your own pre-written auto responder email series that will give your prospects compelling reasons to join YOU and you ONLY. I’ll send you my fully loaded auto responder messages and set you up so you don’t have to worry about a thing.
Value $499
Why send your prospects to your company’s sales page when that’s what 95% of your competition is doing?  Especially when you look at the fact that these are the marketers that end up crashing and burning.  You need to send them to your own sales page that brands YOU as a leader…as someone that can help them to succeed with Infinity Downline.  You will have your own personal sales page / report (similar to this one) that will skyrocket your profits!  Trust me…
Value $799
Complete guidance on how to craft your entire back end campaign (including how to easily create your own personal website that brands you). We’ll teach you how to use the power of Attraction Marketing so your prospects will be raising their hands wanting tojoin you in your Infinity Downline business.
Value $799
Once we’ve strategically designed your campaigns to convert your leads into $$$$, we’ll take you by the hand and show you how to unleash a FLOOD of highly targeted traffic to your sites. You’ll have your campaigns FILLED to the brim with the right kind of prospects.
Value $1499
We’ll help with your Pay-Per-Click marketing, Article marketing, Ezine marketing, SEO, Video marketing, Traffic Exchanges, Social Networking…In fact; there isn’t much we DON’T help you with when it comes to marketing. You will know exactly how to send highly targeted prospects to your personal lead capture page by the droves.
Value $1499
You’ll learn how to set up your Funded Proposal System, which will more than pay for ALL your marketing expenses…so your business always stays in the green.
Value $799
Regular one on one personal coaching and consultation by phone, email, skype or even video conferencing. That way anything you need to know, you will know.
Value $1999
Leadership and mindset training. If you need to work on your self esteem, boost your confidence, develop your posture, and increase your belief level…you will have real guidance. All the information and knowledge to take your inner game to the next level is right here waiting for you.
Value $1899
Plus real business building mentoring so you can get over phone fear, be confident with every person you talk to, and learn the secrets to prospecting and sponsoring the REAL people you are looking to make your business partners.
Value $1899
Not to mention the most important part of any coaching…dealing with obstacles as they arise.
Look at the value of each component of my coaching program above…
That’s A Total Of Over


AND I’ve spent well over $17,500 in educating myself to develop my own skills to be able to provide everything just saw…
But I’m not going to charge you anything NEAR that price…
How much will all this cost you?

Drum roll please……

I’m Not Going To Charge You A PENNY!
That’s right!  You will have access to EVERYTHING you’ve seen above for FREE just for joining my Infinity Downline team.
Why Free? What’s the catch?
No catch!  This is all free because I want EVERYONE on my team to have access to the absolute BEST step-by-step guidance, tools, and mentoring regardless of the size of their budget. This level of support is really what creates more success and prosperity for EVERYONE on the team…which could be YOU!
The last thing I want to see is someone struggling to figure everything out on their own because they don’t have enough money to get the expert tools and guidance they need to succeed.
Your Success Truly Matters To Me. Why? Because I live my life by one simple principle:
“You can have everything in life you want, if you will just help other people get what they want.”
Zig Ziglar
What If I could Give You
Your Own Training Site To Offer To Your Prospects?! 

When you join my Infinity Downline Team, I am also going to give you my training site (that took me months to create) so that you too can offer this training to your prospects as if you made the site yourself. That’s right! You can offer your prospects the same exclusive training and resource site that I am offering to you right now. When I created the exclusive Infinity Downline Training and Resource site, I left my name and pictures off of the site for that reason. That was pretty hard for me to do by the way :)


Value $4899
Add that to the above amount for a total of:

In Free Bonuses

By joining my team, everything is already in place for you for FREE…

You won’t have to worry about a thing…
Think about this for a sec…
Have you ever even heard of ANYONE offering all these tools, resources, custom websites, and emails along with all the personal step-by-step guidance, one on one training, and unlimited support for their new team members?  FOR FREE??
…didn’t think so.
 Most will offer only a tiny fraction of what you’ve seen here (if they offer anything at all).  And they usually provide this support only for those that pay good money or join an opportunity that costs $3,000+!
Forget That!
Some think I’m crazy for doing this, but you will have access to EVERYTHING mentioned above by joining Infinity Downline for Only $25!
You’re going to get all of this instantly for free by joining my team.  You’re not going to worry about a thing.
Please note: The ONLY way to work with me and my team, and learn how to use my marketing systems to make $10,000+/month is to JOIN Infinity Downline.

I saw a Tremendous opportunity in building this business and helping other motivated Entrepreneurs by sharing and providing all the PROVEN Marketing KNOWLEDGE and SKILLS so that they would EXPERIENCE what it’s TRULY like to enjoy a COMPLETELY FUN and prosperous Business!

The fact that you can have access to EVERYTHING you’ve read above for FREE just for joining my Infinity Downline Team is an opportunity of a lifetime.

I chose to work with Infinity Downline because I KNOW it works and
I know it will work for YOU.
By joining my Infinity Downline Team, you get personal coaching and mentorship with me personally and my Business Partners, who are absolutely great. They are TRUSTWORTHY Professional 5 Figure Monthly Earners in the Industry.  I will show you EXACTLY how to use these SIMPLE, and PROVEN systems to make your income grow on autopilot with Infinity Downline.  It’s up to you to take advantage of this opportunity if you’re ready for it.
Ok my friends…Are you ready because HERE IT COMES!!!
The following video has the POWER to change your life forever…
You’re about to see exactly what’s in store for you here within my Exclusive Infinity Downline Training and Resource Site. You’re about to see first hand the TRULYRevolutionary and Unprecedented team training, systems and resources that are literally right at your fingertips… Right Now!

You’re about to see a clear and distinct Roadmap you can simply follow to create TRUE Freedom in your life.

This is like NOTHING you’ve ever seen before. Prepare for a ride…

How To Set Yourself Up For Success Even Before
You Begin Your Journey
Below Are A Few Screen Shots Of Your 
NewPowerful Training Site

If you realize the absolute power within my team training site and how it will literally allow you to transform into a professional online marketer empowering you to really create as much success and freedom in your life as you really desire …

If you realize this, and you’re ready to join a team of innovative and success-orientedentrepreneurs with me as your personal mentor, coach and friend… guiding you EACH step of the way down your own success journey…

And If you’re one to take ACTION to make sure your ideal lifestyle WILL become your reality, then click the link below, sign up with my Infinity Downline Team, and let’s make this happen for you today!

Infinity Downline

The bottom line is that by joining my Infinity Downline Team, you’re associating yourself with successful people that are going to put you on a serious track to be successful yourself.
If you can’t see the $25 start up cost for your Infinity Downline business as an investment by following our step-by-step guidance, then this is not for you.

If you want to start making money without any initial investment, then by all means, stick with a dreadfully boring 9-5 job. (it sure was boring for me anyways)

I’m not looking to work with anyone who is backed in a corner and desperate to create financial freedom.

That’s not how financial freedom works. You have to be in a position in your life where your mentality is aligned to create financial freedom.

Owning your own business is about financial freedom and takes an entirely differentmindset…

Unlike a job, it’s not about how many hours you work…it’s about producing the results that lead to true success. THAT is what we will teach you to do…

“Wealth Is Not An Event Which Happens To You.  It Is A Skill…

You Acquire The Ability To Create Wealth.”

This is really for ALL people who have the burning desire to succeed deep inside of them, and are at a time in their life when they can really focus on doing it.

If that’s you, then here is my challenge…DON’T procrastinate. You need to join my Infinity Downline team today, and you’ll have your sites up and running before you can catch your breath.  Wealthy people take action and those who don’t, never get anywhere.  I KNOW you’re ready to get somewhere…and that’s why you have to rise to meet the success staring you in the face today.

With me there guiding you along every step of the way to mastering technology to build a phenomenal business…the skills to create wealth are literally at your fingertips right now. Given you are truly determined to learn how…the steps you need to be successful are systematic and come with just a little bit of practice.  In other words…You Can Absolutely Do It!

Join my team today to get started with this life changing coaching program right now. Do it because it feels right. Do it because you are truly ready to take the next step in your business evolution.




1) Review The Infinity Downline Business

Check out the Infinity Downline site by clicking the link below.  Make sure to review the ENTIRE program so you can fully understand how this business works.

Click The Link Below

Infinity Downline

2) Contact Me With Questions

After you have reviewed the Infinity Downline business, create a list of questions,

and then …

Email me right away
By explaining your personal situation with me, I can provide you with my insight and recommendations based on your specific situation.
I encourage you to contact me personally  by personal email :
If for any reason I am not able to get back that day, i will contact you in 24 hrs. I will always write you back.
Business Email:

Let’s make one thing VERY clear…
 with some lame sales pitch to get you to sign up with Infinity Downline. You and I must both confidently agree that you would be a positive addition to the team. When people get pressured into something, it only creates future headaches and people who whine, complain and quit anyway.

I only answer your questions honestly and I may say things you don’t want to hear like:

“John (or Jane), THIS MAY NOT BE FOR YOU….”

Everyone says they just want to deal with someone honest and upfront.


So don’t worry. You can call me and ask your questions and you’ll get straightforward answers.

Remember, we’re looking for BUSINESS PARTNERS…

See, I’m dead serious about your success. And I’m dead serious about choosing to work only with people that are mentally ready to follow simple instructions and a simple system.

Are you ready to make serious money

online from… anywhere?

Are you ready to learn how to turn the internet and your computer into your own personal ATM machine?


3) Just Do It!

Let’s make one thing clear…this is 100% your choice and I am not here to convince anybody on anything. I am here to work with truly dedicated and serious individuals, who are at the right time in their life to take advantage of the tools and knowledge I have to offer them. End of story.

If this is you, then JUST DO IT!

Sign up with Infinity Downline and you will automatically become a new member of one of the most innovative and fastest growing teams in the industry.  After you sign up, prepare for Massive Results in your new business as I pour my laser focused energy into helping YOU experience real success.

I promise you…now is the moment to take action.

The Internet is like the ‘California Gold Rush’
You are at an incredible timing to position yourself and take total advantage of these cutting edge advances in technology to create real financial freedom for yourself.But do not wait. The longer you wait, the more competitive it gets. Let’s get the ball rolling with your killer marketing system right now…and put the advantage most only dream of in your hands.

Sign Up Here!


  Infinity Downline
Whether we do business together or not, I hope you find all the success that you desire. Don’t forget to CALL me! We can have an honest discussion about how Infiity Downline works and what it really takes to profit online. Just an honest chat… no “sales” talk.

Yours in Success,
Christopher Davis,

Your Online Business Mentor

P.S.  Is the information that I have been sharing with you really resonated?  Do you feel that it makes a heck of a lot of sense?  I think we both know it does.  Your new Infinity Downline business along with full access to my team site, resources and training is truly going to change your life. I hope you’re ready for it…

If you are, don’t forget to contact me personally right now to discuss your situation and how we can help you start on your path to true financial freedom today!

P.P.S.  Considering that we are going to provide you with full blown training, and get you fully ready to pull endless leads and close those leads into your Infinity Downline business for FREE, you would be crazy to pass up this offer right now.  Invest in yourself to build a better life today while you can still get this unprecedented training and support for free. I have been testing my training site and have had other Infinity Downline Members that are not on my team ask if they can pay me to use this site for themselves. Although, I would never sell my training site to my competition, it could be any day now that I start to charge a monthly fee for my downline to use it… It’s just that powerful. Get your FREE lifetime membership now!

“So again, take some time to review the Infinity Downline Business by clicking HERE. Plug into my professional training and support and start building your own financial future with my personal support.”

Click Here To Sign Up For A Free


 CLICK HERE to Get a Review Of The Infinity Downline System

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